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Elxi Elvina

Fashion Design & Creation | 3rd Year
Specializing in Womenswear

Augustina Dinda Respati

Fashion Design & Creation | 2nd Year

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Patrice Desilles

Head of Academic Programs at
ESMOD Jakarta

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Why Choose ESMOD Jakarta

Be individuals together

To be in fashion is to be a misfit. We encourage standing out. Make friends for life with like minded, unique individuals & inspire each other on and off ESMOD Jakarta’s campus.

The world is your canvas

With more than 20 schools world-wide and with firm ties to the industry, your network in fashion will be unparalleled. The door to international artistry is open at ESMOD Jakarta.

​Create your own legacy

For 175 years we have been pioneers in fashion. Be part of history by learning from the best. Let ESMOD Jakarta help you find your unique voice and start your own legacy in fashion.

as taught by ESMOD Jakarta

Pattern Drafting Technique

A core competence for any fashion designer is to be able to bring a sketch to life by 'pattern drafting'. In general, pattern drafting means you sketch your vision, and from there you create patterns. The patterns you cut from simple cloth (blacu) and sew together as one garment or piece of garment. And finally apply the garments to fit on a live model.

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Moulage Technique

Design by moulage, or molding, involves sketching a fashion design and applying the outlines of your design to a mannequin. After applying the basic fabric on the mannequin you shape and cut it. When satisfied with the results you will take off the shapes and trace them in detail. Then you'll have the pieces of your fashion creation.

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A good way to experience our campus is to attend our ESMOD Jakarta Open House and other events. Click to leave your details and we’ll send you an invitation as soon as they become available.

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February ‘16 - Fashion Design & Pattern Drafting
September ’16 - International Fashion Business
September ’16 - Fashion Design & Creation
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